Computer Programming 3rd Semester EC MG University December 2012

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MG University 3rd semester Btech question for Electronics and Communication & Applied Electronic and Instrumentation Engineering


Third  Semester

Branch : Applied Electronics and Instrumentation/Electronics and Communication/Electronics and Instrumentation/Instrumentation and Control Engineering

          AI 010 306

          EC 010 306         COMPUTER PROGRAMMING (AI , EC , EI and IC)

          EI 010 306

          IC 010 306

(New Scheme-2010 Admission onwards)


Time : Three Hours                                                                                    Maximum:100 Marks

Part  A

Answer all questions.

Each question carries 3 marks.

1. What is an algorithm ?

2. Define function in C.

3. What is a Union ?

4. What are the uses of pointers ?

5. What are macros ?

                                                                                                                             (5*3=15 marks)

Part B

Each question carries  5 marks.

6. Explain interactive programming.

7. Explain with an example the usage of SWITCH statement.

8.Explain with examples the user defined data types.

9. Explain with examples the operation on pointers.

10.Explain and give examples for command line parameters.

                                                                                                                               (5*5=25 marks)

Part C

Each full question carries  12 marks.

11. Write an algorithm to find the prime numbers between 100 and 1000.Draw the

      corresponding flowchart also.


12. Explain with examples the data types used in C.

13. Write a program to evaluate the function

              sin xx - x3/3! + x5/5! - x7/7! + ……. to  0.0001% accuracy.


 14.Write a program to arrange given 100 names in alphabetic order.

 15. Explain with suitable example the method of sending an entire structure as a

     parameter to a function.


 16. Write a program to add given number of days to a given data. Make use of structures

      wherever possible.

17.Explain with suitable examples, how pointers are used as function arguments.


 18. Write a program using pointers to read in an array of integers and print its elements

      in reverse order.

19. Write a program to compare two files and returns ‘0’ if they are equal and ‘1’ if they

      are not.


 20. Discuss on the different categories of C pre-processor.

                                                                                                                                                                      (5*12=60 marks)