How previous question papers help you in Revision

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This article mention about the advantage of using Previous Question paper for revision

How to use previous question papers for revision?

The main purpose of revision is to understand the topic which you already covered and to practice writing answers to the questions. There are different ways you can revise for the exams. You can use different strategies here and it depends on your exam and what you are studying. When you are revising it is very important to know about topics which are relevant .This is where previous year question paper can help you. It will let you know which topic to give more importance. It will help you to understand the format of the question paper which will be very similar to actual question paper. You can read it through, find out how many marks are allocated for each set of questions and can also know about the type of questions asked.

The main benefit of looking at the previous year question paper is that, it you will get an idea about the question patterns. It will help you to become more confident to face the actual exam. The more you revise; it will be easier for you to crack your exam.

You need lot of practice and preparation before you sit for your actual test and previous question paper can really help you in this. You should devote 2-3 months for the preparation before exam because it will help you to feel less stressful. It is the quality of preparation that matters than quantity. Solving previous year question papers will let you know where you stand. Try to solve as many question papers as you can and analyze your result. Analysis of the test will tell you which section you need to concentrate more. Then you should focus on the weaker section. When you do take test try to take full length test. This will let you know how the exam going to be. If you are not able to score don’t get disheartened but work more and try to overcome your weakness. This is the main advantage of answering previous question papers during revision time. You can understand your weakness and you can seek help from your teachers or friends.

Time management is very crucial in any kind of exam because if you are not able to solve questions successfully within the given time frame, all your hard work will go waste. If you are not able to solve the entire question paper, then your effort will be futile. You can’t do anything about it even if you know the answers. So time management is very essential. Another plus point of solving previous question papers is that it will help to increase your speed and thus help to finish the paper on time. The more previous question papers you solve, the more you understand where to spend more time and where you can save some time. It is very important to do this as a part of preparation for your exam because it will tell you about your caliber and your performance.