How previous question papers help you in your exams

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This article mention about the advantage of using Previous Question paper to write exam effectively

How previous question papers help you in your exams?

Exams are to check your competence and performance level. It can be stressful and nerve racking time for the students. If you prepare well for your exam you feel more confident and it will be easy for you to face the exam. One excellent way for preparing for any exam is to refer previous question papers. The main advantage of looking at previous question paper is that you will get an idea about the type of the questions and topics. It is very important to start your preparation few months before the exam because it will help you to give sufficient time to absorb the information. It is not a good idea to start preparing just few days before the test because it will make you more nervous and it will indirectly affect your performance as well.

Practice is very important in any kind of exams. As the saying goes practice makes it perfect and there is no substitute for practice. By solving previous question papers, it will help to increase the confidence level and also help to put into practice what you have learned theoretically. This will also help you to understand the pattern of the question paper. You will know which topic to give more attention than the other. Another benefit is that you will get to know the question pattern whether it is multiple choice type questions or descriptive type questions. Like solving sample papers it is also important to analyze the answers. This help the students understand where they are going wrong and which their strong and weak areas are. If you try solving previous question papers, it will help you in time management.

Time management is very crucial in any kind of exam because if you are not able to solve questions successfully within the given time, all your hard work will go waste. If you are not able to solve the entire question paper, then your effort will be futile. You cant do anything about it even if you know the answers. So time management is very essential. Another plus point of solving previous question papers is that it will help to increase your speed and thus help to finish the paper on time. The more you solve, the more you understand where to spend more time and where you can save some time. But before practice make sure you have spend enough time on understanding the concepts and the theories.

Now-a-days on internet you get plenty of sample papers and you can download them for free. It is very important to do this as a part of preparation for your exam because it will tell you about your caliber and your performance. By solving sample papers you can find out what you already know and what you don't know. As mentioned above they help in time management and you can be familiar with the terminology and vocabulary used in the actual exam. So try to solve as many previous question papers as possible.