Kerala PSC-Instructor Grade II in Information Technology

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This exam is held for Instructor Grade II in Information Technology in Technical Education

  1. In C++a function with the same name as the class, but with a tilde(~) in front of it , is

(a) Constructor

(b) Copy Constructor

(c) Destructor

(d) Friend


2. DB2 is a database product from

(a) Microsoft

(b) Oracle

(c) Sun Microsystems

(d) IBM


3. RJ45 refers to

(a) A mail protocol

(b) A connector

(c) An inkjet printer

(d) A memory chip


4. Which among the following is an object oriented programming language

(a) LISP

(b) Smalltalk

(c) Prolog

(d) SQL


5. Squid is the name of a popular____________ software

(a) Word Processing

(b) Project Management

(c) Proxy Server

(d) Web Server


6. The decimal equivalent of 10011101

(a) 197

(b) 181

(c) 57

(d) 93


7. The output of a 2-input XOR is 1 if

(a) One of the input is 0 and the other is 1

(b) Both inputs are 0

(c) Both inputs are 1

(d) None of the above


8. An IPv6 address has a length of___________ bits

(a) 32

(b) 64

(c) 128

(d) 256


9. When a subclass replaces the implementation of one or more of its parents methods, it is called

(a) Inheritance

(b) Method Overloading

(c) Method Overriding

(d) Encapsulation


10..A typical screen resolution is

(a) 1024x2048

(b) 1024x1024

(c) 1024x768

(d) 1024x512

11. In C programming, malloc() function is used for

(a) Static memory allocation

(b) Memory compaction

(c) Memory de-allocation

(d) Dynamic memory allocation


12. Reiser4 is a

(a)Coaxial cable

(b) DBMS

(c) File system

(d) Communication protocol


13. The default storage class for variables in C is

(a) register

(b) static

(c) auto

(d) extern


14. which among the following is a protocol governing communication using modems?

(a) IEEE 802.4

(b) RFC 1098

(c) IA-64

(d) V.32


15.The binary equivalent of 55.40625 is

(a) 101101.01011

(b) 101101.01101


(d) 110111.01101

16. A________logs changes to a special log before actually writing them to the main file system

(a) database

(b) storage area network

(c) journaling file system

(d) index file system


17. GNU Classpath project aims to create a free software based standard class library for

(a) C++

(b) Visual C++

(c) Java

(d) Python


18. The X.509 is a standard for

(a) public key infrastructure

(b) pulse modulation

(c) data storage

(d) network management


19. Group is a

(a) Compiler

(b) Network switch

(c) Spreadsheet

(d) Graphic editor


20. Mutt is a text-based____________ client.

(a) E-mail

(b) Telenet

(c) FTP

(d) HTTP

21. Staroffice calc file have the extension

(a) xls

(b) sxc

(c) sxi

(d) sxw


22. The internet top level domain .bh refers to

(a) Bahrain

(b) Bangladesh

(c) Bhutan

(d) Business


23. Bluetooth is an application for wireless _______________ area networks.

(a) Local

(b) Personal

(c) Terrestrial

(d) Wide


24. The (Indian) auction site taken over by ebay was

(a) aroz

(b) fabmart

(c) ebiz

(d) bazee


25. Telnet uses port number

(a) 11

(b) 21

(c) 23

(d) 80

26. In order to listen to all the network traffic in a medium, the NIC should be in ____________

(a) Listen

(b) Promiscuous

(c) Read

(d) Write


27. Subversion is a ___________ control software

(a) Error

(b) Flow

(c) Speed

(d) Version


28. SSL security protocol is the predecessor of __________ protocol

(a) IPSec

(b) MPLS

(c) TLS

(d) VPN


29. SMTP uses protocol number

(a) 21

(b) 25

(c) 43

(d) 110


30. _______________ ia a type setting system developed by Donald Knuth

(a) TeX

(b) WordPerfect

(c) WordStar

(d) PDF

31. ____________ is the most popular HTTP SERVER IN THE WEB

(a) Apache

(b) IIS

(c) WebLogic

(d) WebSphere


32. Structure is an open source web application ______________ for the development of Java EE web applications.

(a) Server

(b) Framework

(c) Client

(d) Virtual machine


33. ____________ is the worst case time complexity for Quicksort

(a) O (log n)

(b) O (n log n)

(c) O (n2)

(d) O (n2 log n)


34. Ping utility is based on ____________ protocol

(a) ICMP

(b) IGRP

(c) IMAP

(d) SNMP


35.Who authored the book The Art of Computer programming?

(a) Bill Gates

(b) Donald Knuth

(c) Noam chomsky

(d) Sabeer Bhatia

36. An ethernet address has a size of___________ bytes

(a) 2

(b) 4

(c) 6

(d) 8


37. Sergey Brin is the co-founder of

(a) Apple

(b) Google

(c) IBM

(d) Yahoo


38. Who authored the book Business@ the Speed Of Thought?

(a) Bill Gates

(b) Nandan Nilekani

(c) Noam Chomsky

(d) Ramalinga Arjuna


39. Koha is a/ an______________ softwear

(a) Accounting

(b) ERP

(c) Graphics editor

(d) Library Management


40. The ASCII code for character b is

(a) 33

(b) 66

(c) 98

(d) 101

41.COCOMO was developed by

(a) Ken Thompson

(b) Alan Turing

(c) James Rumbaugh

(d) Barry Boehm


42. The default filesystem in Linux is

(a) ext0

(b) ext2

(c) ext3

(d) ext4


43. PDF format was created by

(a) Adobe

(b) Apple

(c) Microsoft

(d) Macromedia


44. The Indian who led the team which designed the Pentium processor was

(a) Gururaj Deshpande

(b) Sabeer Bhatia

(c) Sam Pitroda

(d) Vinod Dham


45. _________ is not a Linux distribution

(a) Amiga

(b) Mandriva

(c) Fedora

(d) Ubuntu

46. C++ was developed by

(a) Bjarne Stroustrup

(b) Dennis Ritchie

(c) James Gosling

(d) Ken Thompson


47. __________ is called universal gate

(a) AND

(b) NAND

(c) NOT

(d) OR


48.WebSphere is a software product from

(a) IBM

(b) Microsoft

(c) SUN

(d) Veritas


49. ________ is a Turing Award Winner

(a) Azim Premji

(b) Narayana Murthy

(c) Raj Reddy

(d) Vinod dham


50. A router work i the _______ layer of the OSI model

(a) Data Link

(b) Network

(c) Transport

(d) Application

51. ___________ in the UML specifies a role played by a user or any other system that interacts with the subject.

(a) A process

(b) A scheme

(c) An association

(d) An actor


52. Which among the following traversal techniques lists the nodes of a history search tree in ascending order of value ?

(a) Pre-order

(b) In-order

(c) Post-order

(d) All the above


53. In a _________ graph, there exist atleast one path between every pair of vertices.

(a) Directed

(b) Connected

(c) Multi

(d) Planner


54. __________ matrix is a matrix populated primarily with zeros.

(a) Skew-symmetric

(b) Sparse

(c) Diagonal

(d) Symmetric


55. __________ is considered adequate for a database design

(a) 2NF

(b) 3NF

(c) 4NF

(d) BCNF


56. Which among the following is not a tool used in the system design phase?

(a) DFD

(b)Decision Table

(c) Flowchart

(d) Histogram


57. Which among the following is typically used as the acceptance test for a software system?

(a) Functional testing

(b) Integration testing

(c) Regression testing

(d) Unit testing


58. __________ is the quality of a system of being able to withstand stresses, or changes in procedure or circumstance

(a) Faulty-tolerance

(b) Probability

(c) Reliability

(d) Robustness


59. E-R modeling is a

(a) Top-down approach

(b) Bottom-top approach

(c) Left-right approach

(d) None of the above


60. __________ is a language used to retrieve, interest, delete and update data in a database

(a) DCL

(b) DDL

(c) DML

(d) JCL


61. __________ is the hiding of the internal mechanisms and data structures a component behind a definite interface.

(a) Encapsulation

(b)Operator Overloading

(c) Function Overriding

(d) Inheritance


62. In a statically typed language, type check is done during __________ time

(a) Compile

(b) Editing

(c) Loading

(d) Run


63. _________ are tools for static polymorphism

(a) Friend classes

(b) Construction

(c) Destruction

(d) Templates


64.A division by zero results in a/ an

(a) Exception

(b) Reboot

(c) Warning

(d) Restart


65. __________ is a file comparison utility that outputs the difference between two files

(a) comp

(b) diff

(c) cmp

(d) merge


66. __________ is a text search utility

(a) awk

(b) eval

(c) grep

(d) patch


67. Deque is a_________ data structure

(a) FIFO

(b) LIFO

(c) Random-access

(d) None of the above


68. On average, quicksort makes___________ comparison to sort n item

(a) O(n)

(b) O(log n)

(c) O(n log n)

(d) O(1)


69. ____________ utility can be used to change the scheduling priority of a process

(a) nice

(b) sched

(c) sh

(d) signal


70. If the last operation of a function is a recursive call, it is known as

(a) Left-recursion

(b) Right-recursion

(c) Tail-recursion

(d) Iteration


71. _________ can be easily adapted to operate on linked lists.

(a) heapsort

(b) mergesort

(c) quicksort

(d) none of the above


72. The default signal sent is






73. Ctrl-C combination generates_________ signal in typical Linux systems.






74. ____________ is a constraint between two sets of attributes in a relation.

(a) Trigger

(b) Natural join

(c) Projection

(d) Functional dependency


75. A relation is defined as a set of ____________ that have the same attributes.

(a) columns

(b) domains

(c) tables

(d) tuples


76. ___________ is a reference to a key in another relation.

(a) Candidate key

(b) Public key

(c) Super key

(d) Foreign key


77. __________ of two relations is a join that is not restricted by any criteria.

(a) Intersection

(b) Composition

(c) Cartesian product

(d) Union


78. ___________ is the practice of determining which method to invoke at runtime.

(a) late binding

(b) multiple inheritance

(c) overloading

(d) static binding


79. Database normalization was first proposed by:

(a) E.E.Codd

(b) J.E.Hopcroft

(c) J.D.Ullman

(d) H.F.Korth


80. __________ testing is the activity in which individual software modules are combined and tested as a group

(a) Black box

(b) Integration

(c) Unit

(d) White box


81. In a __________ , the structure of a class of documents is described via element an attribute-list declarations

(a) CSS

(b) DTD

(c) Schema

(d) XSLT


82. Branch testing is typically done as part of __________ testing.

(a) Black box

(b) Integration

(c) System

(d) White box


83. A non-prime attribute of R is an attribute that does not belong to any___________ key of R.

(a) candidate

(b) foreign

(c) prime

(d) super


84. A___________ function is a function whose behaviour can be overridden within an inheriting class by a function with the same signature.

(a) friend

(b) public

(c) static

(d) virtual


85. Which among the following is not a dynamically-typed language?

(a) Java

(b) Lisp

(c) Python

(d) Ruby


86. __________ port was also known as Centronics port.

(a) Infrared

(b) Parallel

(c) Serial

(d) USB


87. The file description for standard error is:

(a) 0

(b) 1

(c) 2

(d) 3


88. Beladys anomaly is associated with __________ page replacement strategy.

(a) FIFO

(b) LFU

(c) LRU

(d) All the above


89. In Linux shells, standard output and standard error can be redirected to the same file (called f1))

(a) >&f1

(b) >&f1

(c) >>f1

(d) &&f1


90. ___________ is the process of replacing system components without shutting down the system.

(a) Graceful degradation

(b) Hot swapping

(c) Load balancing

(d) Configuration management.

91. Which among the following is not a transport layer protocol?

(a) RPC

(b) SCTP

(c) TCP

(d) UDP


92. _________is where a subclass replaces the implementation of one or more of its parents methods

(a) Function overloading

(b) Function overriding

(c) Hybrid inheritance

(d) Multiple inheritance


93. Ping utility is implemented using:


(b) ICMP

(c) RMI

(d) SMTP


94. __________ binary tree is a tree in which every node other than the leaves has two children.

(a) Balanced

(b) Complete

(c) Full

(d) Perfect


95. A __________ is a connected acyclic graph.

(a) Digraph

(b) Multi-graph

(c) Queue

(d) Tree

96. The detection and pruning of unused or inaccessible data structures during run-time is called:

(a) debugging

(b) Disk defragmentation

(c) Dynamic programming

(d) Garbage collection


97. A JSP compiler typically generates :

(a) applets

(b) java beans

(c) servlets



98. __________ occur when a piece of memory is freed while there are pointer variables still pointing to it

(a) Compilation error

(b) Dangling pointer

(c) Garbage collection

(d) Stack overflow


99. Six sigma is a strategy for __________ management

(a) disaster

(b) financial

(c) human resource

(d) quality


100. A _________ server accelerates service requested by retrieving content saved from a previous request made by the same client or other client.

(a) database

(b) proxy

(c) storage

(d) web