Kerala PSC-Lecturer in Information Technology

This Exam held for Technical Education (Engineering colleges)

  1. Which of the following is not a desktop CPU:


    (B) Sempron 140

    (C ) Celeron 430

    (D) ASUS PGT Deluxe

  1. Typical capacity of a current day hard disk is :

    (A) 500 GB

    (B) 512 MB

    (C ) 1 GB

    (D) 1 MB


  2. Which of the following is not a keyword in ANSI C :

    (A) auto

    (B) extern

    (C ) size of

    (D) constant


  3. Storage class of local variables known only to the function in which it is declared:

    (A) auto

    (B) static

    (C ) extern

    (D) register


  4. By default any real number in C is treated as

    (A) a float

    (B) a double

    (C )a long double

    (D) the one depending on the memory model


  5. Which of the following is not a standard C library :


    (B) math.h

    (C )string.h

    (D) prog.h


  6. In C switch statement is used to :

    (A)switch between variables in a program

    (B) switch between functions in a program

    (C )define boolean variables

    (D) choose from multiple possibilities due to different values of a variable