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This Exam held for Tradesman in COMPUTER ENGINEERNG in Technical education department

  1. Which one of the following is volatile in nature:


        (B) ROM

        (C ) CDROM

        (D) Hard disk

  1. _______ is selected for setting display properties:

    (A)Internet Explorer

    (B) Paint brush

    (C ) Control panel

    (D) My computer


  2. IC's are generated in the ________ generation of computers


    (B) second

    (C ) third

    (D) fourth


  3. Interface between hardware and software is

    (A) System software

    (B) Application software

    (C ) Device driver

    (D) Operating system


  4. 1 KB is

    (A) 1000 bits

    (B) 1000 bytes

    (C )1024 bits

    (D) 1024 bytes


  5. One of the following is not an operating system:

    (A)MS DOS


    (C )UNIX



  6. The program used to translate C language to machine language


    (B) Source program

    (C ) Object program

    (D) Compiler

  7. Format command in DOS is a _____ command


    (B) external

    (C ) System

    (D) Memory


  8. Debugging is the process of


    (B) Loading program in to memory

    (C ) Error checking

    (D) Testing


  9. Point out the one which is not an advantage of network

    (A)Information sharing

    (B) Resource sharing

    (C ) Communication

    (D) Security

  10. HTTP stands for:

    (A)Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

    (B) Hyper Text Transport Protocol

    (C )Hyper Transmission Transfer Protocol

    (D) Hyper Transmission Transport Protocol

  11. The type given to the INPUT tag for the purpose of sending the name/value pairs of the active form elements to the URL is


    (B) Button

    (C ) Reset

    (D) Submit

  12. Select the odd one out


    (B) Neuro Smart Start

    (C ) Internet Explorer

    (D) Netscape

  13. EEPROM can be erased by exposing it to


    (B) UV light

    (C )Magnetic field

    (D) Electric charge

  14. A sequential access device is:

    (A)Magnetic disk

    (B) Optical disk

    (C )Magnetic tape

    (D)Hard disk

  15. The command used for sorting a database:


    (B) INDEX

    (C ) UPDATE

    (D) Both A&B