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This Exam held for Tradesman in computer hardware maintenance

1.In Simplex method of Communication:

(A)The transmission takes place both way simultaneously

(B) the transmission take place both direction but only one side at a time

(C ) the transmission take place in one direction only

(D) None of the above

2. By remote login :

(A)users workstation is allowed to behave as though it is directly connected to the logged in machine

(B) users can just share information only

(C ) can share resources such as printers hard disk and send mail

(D) users can participate in teleconferencing only


3.A computer connected to internet can store multimedia information indexed using html; this is called:

(A)Internet address locator

(B) Email

(C ) Universal Resource Locator

(D) Web page


4. CCITT stands for:

(A)Central Consultant Institute for Telecommunication Technology

(B) Central Consultant Institute for Telegraphy and Telephony

(C ) Consultative committee for International Telephone and Telegraph

(D) Corporate consultant Institute for Telephone and Telegraph


5. Proxy server is used:

(A)to provide internet service to multiple users on a LAN

(B) to provide a duplicate server on internet

(C )to make email service fast and secure

(D) to reduce the traffic on the WAN segment


6. CSMA/CD stands for:

(A)Computer system Module attached with compact disk

(B) Communication System with Multiple Access to Centralized data

(C )Carrier sense Multiple Access with collision Detection

(D) Communication Service Managed by Automotive collision Deduction


7. The length of the data packet in Ethernet LAN is:

(A)Between 0 to 512 Kbytes

(B) 256 KB or more

(C ) 64 bit to 1 MB

(D) Between 46 and 1500 bytes

8. Write pre- compensation in Hard disk is

A) to compensate for the speed of the disk in different levels when multiple disks are used

(B) to adjust the difference in recording density at different cylinders

(C ) to compensate for the aging of disk surfaces

(D) none of the above


9. The protocol refers to

A)the rules for data transfer between consecutive layers

(B) the rules agreed by user and the system vendor

(C ) the rules relating to the data transfer; between corresponding layers of consecutive machine

(D) none of the above

10. In Windows NT rings

A)are special thread manger that dispatches thread scheduling to avoid concurrent dispatch

(B) protection mechanisms to separate user and kernel modes

(C )logical files which provides swapping space

(D) circular outer boundary of the OS

11. The scope of a macro definition

A)the entire macro

(B) extend from the point of definition to the red of the file

(C )entire program

(D) none of the above

12. On execution of the following program



int a=1 ,b=2,c=3;



The output is:



(C )9

(D) 4

13. for(i=0;i<=9;i++)

This loop when executed:

A)executed until i exceeds 9 but as means of introducing time delay

(B)cannot execute as no statement to execute

(C ) syntactically wrong

(D) none of the above

14. break statement. is used

A)to break the data into convenient units

(B)to break the memory into small modules

(C ) to stop the program execution and return to OS prompt

(D) to terminate the execution of a loop

15.   Sorting is a process of arranging a set of similar information in ascending or descending order and in linear sort :

                                (A)          repeated comparison of adjacent elements and exchange if necessary is done

                                (B)          involves combining of two or more sorted groups into a single array

                                (C )         each element is compared with all its successors and interchange if necessary

                                (D)          all linear elements are sorted one after the other

16.  String concatenation is :

                                (A)          mixing of string with paragraphs or lines

                                (B)          storage of two strings are joined together and one address is used

                                (C )         one string is added to the end of other string and is stored in one location

                                (D)          mixing of strings character by character in sorted order

17.    strlwr() function :

                                (A)          string is added at lower end of text file

                                (B)          strings are sorted in lower half of the memory

                                (C )         converts all uppercase letters in the string to lowerr case letters

                                (D)          none of the above

18.The function strcmp() :

                                (A)          copies string 1 into string2

                                (B)          compares two strings and outputs larger one

                                (C )         compares two strings and outputs smaller one

                                (D)          compares two strings and returns 0, positive or negative value

19. In C language the use of library function and user defined function are frequent and :

                                (A)          both are same, sometimes called as library function and sometimes called UD


                                (B)          library function when used by user, it becomes user defined functions

                                (C )         library functions are those available in C language library and Ud functions are

                                                those defined by user

                                (D)          none of the above

20.    The statement

                Fseek (fp,OL,O) ;

                means :

  1. fp is a file pointer
  2. read write head to be positioned at the start of the file
  3. read write head to be positioned at the end of the file
  4. erase the contents of the file

21.          How many bits are necessary to store an ASCII character?

                                (A)          7                                                                              (B)          8

                                (C )         16                                                                           (D)          15

22.          Bitwise operators can operate upon :

                                (A)          Ints and floats                                                   (B)          Ints and charges

                                (C )         Floats and doubles                                          (D)          Ints and doubles

23.          The C for loop



                 (A)          0101010101                                                        (B)          0111111111

 (C)          0000000000                                                        (D)          1111111111

24.          Before using a pointer in a program :

 (A)         it should not be assigned any value

                                 (B)         it should be  initialized by assigning a value to it

                                 (C)         values can be assigned

                                (D)          user can decide               

25.          Call by referrence to a function is :

                                (A)          by passing argument value

                                (B)          by passing the address of the argument

                                 (C)         by passing both values and address of argument

                                (D)          by passing the function name itself

26.          Static variable is :

                                (A)          a variable where location is variable and content is static

                                (B)          content is not known to the program

                                (C)          retains throughout the life of the program

                                (D)          value is assigned during declaration which may vary but location cannot vary

27.          The statement  c=getc(fpl); :

                                (A)          would read a character from keyboard and assign to a file fpl

                                (B)          copy fpl to C

                                ( C )        read a character for the file represented by fpl

                                (D)          none of the above

28.          The major advantage of stream is that :

                                (A)          input is device dependent and output is device independent

                                (B)          input/ output is device dependent

                                (C )         input/ output programming is device  independent        

                                (D)          none of the above

29.          fprintf() and fscanf() functions are :

                                (A)          same as printf() and scanf() but refers to first operation of variables

                                (B)          formatted  I/O functions and operate with disk files

                                (C )         printf() and scanf() of any files but scan after print

                                (D)          printing after seaming from files

30.          Argument list of C function contains valid variables and :

                                (A)          the type of variables need not be specified

                                (B)          the type of all variables should be declared before the function header

                                (C )         the type of all variables should be declared after the function header

                                (D)          the type if declared can be anywhere in the function but before the statement

31.          Examples of valid variable names in c++ are :

                                (A)          Student Mark, express highway                                (B)          float, int

                                (C )         123Series, 555                                                   (D)          Name, Sum, mat_add

32.          Examples of valid characterr constants in C++ are :

                                (A)          ‘a’, ‘S’,’\b’                                                           (B)          ‘123’, ‘abc’

                                (C )         ‘\abc’, ‘ABC’                                                       (D)          None of the above

33.          Examples of valid string constants in C++ are :

                                (A)          ‘Name’, ‘age’                                                     (B)          “House name”, “street”

                                (C )         “5.20 pm’                                                             (D)          India is My Country


34.          Storage bytes for a data type long double in C++ is :

                                (A)          2                                                                              (B)          4

                                (C )         10                                                                           (D)          8

35.          Difference between structure and class in C++ :

                                (A)          No difference

                                (B)          Maximum 128 bytes for class and 256 for structure

                                (C)         Local variables are permitted in class but local variables are not used in structure

(D)          By default the member of a class are private and by default the member of a      structure are public

36.          The member access operators in C++ are :

                                (A)          the addition operator (+), the subtraction operator

                                (B)          all arithmetic operators

                                (C )         the dot(.) operator and the arrow () operator

                                (D)          all logical operators

37.          To define a member function outside the class definition in C++ :

                                (A)          is not permitted

                                (B)          define the function as within the class definition

                                (C )         specify the class name followed by the function name separated by scope

                                                resolution operator

                                (D)          define public function

38.          When a class A declares another class B as friend :

                                (A)          All the member  functions of class B can access the members of  class A but not


(B)          All the member functions of class A can access the members of class B but not reverse

(C )         All the member functions of class A can access the members of class B and all the member functions of class B can access the members of class A

(D)          The member functions of A or B can access the private members of the other but not protected one

39.          A virtual function is a special member function and pure virtual function is :

                                (A)          One in which base class definition is followed by keyword pure

                                (B)          The case where there is no base class at all

                                (C )         This is not redefined in the derived class

                                (D)          One that has no definition in the base class

40.          In the C++ file open function the mode ‘ios::no replace’ is :

                                (A)          Open file for reading only

                                (B)          Open file for no reading but placing

                                (C )         Open file for writing by deleting the existing one             

                                (D)          Open file if it is not existing. If the file exist file open operation fails

41.          A  10 base 2 Ethernet topology uses thin co-axial cable and :

                                (A)          It is 10 Mbps, carry signals up to 185 m

                                (B)          It is 100 Mbps, carry signals up to 200 m

                                (C )         It is 10 Mbps, carry signals up to 500 m

                                (D)          It is just voice grade system

42.          In class C  IP address host  address range is :

                                (A)  to                     (B)  to

                                (C ) to                       (D)  to

43.          All IP address are 32 bits long and are used in :

                                (A)          Source address field                                       (B)          Destination address field

                                (C )         Source and destination addresss  fields (D)          None of the above

44.          In ISO-OSI model the routing function is included in :

                                (A)          Physical layer                                                     (B)          Data link layer

                                (C )         Network layer                                                   (D)          Application layer

45.          The token ring network architecture has been standardized by :

                                (A)          IEEE 802.3                                                            (B)          IEEE 802.4

                                (C )         IEEE 802.5                                                            (D)          IEEE 802.11

46.          A token ring hub can also be referred to as :

                                (A)          MSAU                                                                   (B)          CSMA

                                (C )         USMA                                                                   (D)          CSMA/CD

47.          x.25 is a set of protocols and :

                                (A)          does not allow routing of data                   (B)          it use routes

                                (C )         it uses PVC to transmit frames                   (D)          none of these

48.          The basic rate ISDN divides the available bandwidth into :

                                (A)          3 viz 2 channels called B channels 64 Kbps.  Third called D channel  at 16 Kbps

                                (B)          4 equal size channel called 1,2,3 and 4 all at 58 Kbps

                                (C )         2 channel 128 Kbps

                                (D)          5 each with 36 Kbps

49.          Cin object is a predefined object of the ------------------------------- class.

                                (A)          ostream -with assign                                      (B)          ifstream

                                (C )         istream with assign                                         (D)          ofstream

50.          The operator used to combine 2 or more mode parameters to open a file :

                                (A)          &                                                                             (B)          I

                                (C )         +                                                                             (D)          &&

51.          seekp() is used for :

                                (A)          move the i/p pointer to the position specified

                                (B)          move the o/p pointer to the position specified

                                (C )         to get the current position of the i/p pointer

                                (D)          to get the current position of the o/p pointer

52.          Exceptions are :

                                (A)          logic errors                                                          (B)          syntax errors

                                (C )         runtime errors                                                  (D)          none of the above

53.          When we open a file in append mode :

                                (A)          i/p pointer points to the end of the existing file

                                (B)          o/p pointer points to the end of the existing file

                                (C )         i/p pointer points to the beginning of the file

                                (D)          o/p pointer points to the beginning of the file

54.          To represent a number 153 :

                                (A)          requires 3 bytes in character format and 2 bytes in binary format

                                (B)          requires 2 bytes in character format and 3 bytes in binary format

                                (C )         requires 4 bytes in character format and 6 bytes in binary format

                                (D)          requires 6 bytes in character format and 4 bytes in binary format

55.          The return type of a constructor function is :

                                (A)          int                                                                           (B)          float

                                (C )         character                                                             (D)          none of the above

56.          SONET is a transmission technology :

                                (A)          using synchronous online technology     (B)          user fiber optic media

                                (C )         uses thick co-axial or wireless                     (D) uses old technology using  STP cable  

57.          Gateways are devices that :

                                (A)          enables communication between identical or same architecture

                                (B)          enables communication between different architecture by converting and

                                                Repacking data

                                (C )         hardware component also called hub

                                (D)          none of the above

58.          ATM is a high speed packet switching network and is used to send :

                                (A)          variable sized packets over broad band

                                (B)          fixed size packets over base band or broadband LANs or WANs

                                (C )         fixed size packets over base band LANs or WANs only

                                (D)          variable size packets over base band only

59.          Gopher in internet is a tool to :

                                (A)          allow the user to browse for information , knowing its location

                                (B)          allow the user to send messages

                                (C )         allow the user to browse for information without knowing its location

                                (D)          to list the available web site addresses

60.          Windows NT includes environment subsystem servers for :

                                (A)          Win32 and OS/2 only                                      (B)          Win32, OS/2 and posix

                                (C )         Win32 and Win64 only                                   (D)          None of the above

61.          First generation computers used :

                                (A)          Vacuum tubes                                                   (B)          High level language

                                (C )         Began to use transistors                                               (D)      Began to use artificial intelligence

62.          Analog computers :

                                (A)          are faster than digital computers

                                (B)          gives output in continues graphic form

                                (C )         can work on both numeric and alphabetic data

                                (D)          began to use artificial intelligence

63.          Laptop computers :

                                (A)          generally have multiple processors inbuilt

                                (B)          are used as servers in banking and financial institutions

                                (C )         are suitable for solving complex problem such as design of aircrafts

                                (D)          use an LCD monitor

64.          A keyboard :

                                (A)          use 5 pin connector                                        (B)          usually uses a parallel interface

                                (C )         requiresa GUI OS for interface                   (D)          uses analog data transfer

65.          Shadow mask :

                                (A)          is used in plasma display                               (B)          is a part of LCD

                                (C )         is used in CRT displays                                    (D)          none of the above

66.          Magnetic core memory :

                                (A)          is a dynamic memory and requires frequent refresh operation

                                (B)          is more compact and has a higher bit density than electronic memory

                                (C )         has a destructive read operation and requires a rewrite operation after read


                                (D)          is not related to computer  memory

67.          Secondary memory :

                                (A)          is a collection of capacitive memories

                                (B)          is a group of registers

                                (C )         generally uses a magnetic storage medium

                                (D)          have flip flops as the components

68.          PCs and PCXTs used :

                                (A)          8085 as the CPU                                                                (B)          8086 as the CPU

                                (C )         80286 as the CPU                                                             (D)          8088 as the CPU

69.          Operating system :

                                (A)          is required for replacing the operator

                                (B)          is required for interfacing the hardware with the user

                                (C )         is required for interfacing the memory

                                (D)          is nothing but an application program

70.          Multi-user Operating Systems are :

                                (A)          operating systems used by many people

                                (B)          computer operated by many operators but one at a time

                                (C )         operating system that allows more than one user to use the CPU at a time

                                (D)          operating system included in network protocol

71.          All versions of Windows operating systems are :

                                (A)          Multi-tasking operating system                 (B)          Multiuser operating system

                                (C )         Network operating system                          (D)          Graphical user interface system

72.          DOS and UNIX :

                                (A)          are operating system based on command line but single user and multi user


                                (B)          both are multi user but command line and GUI respectively

                                (C )         both are GUI but multi user and single user respectively

                                (D)          both are multi user and command line interface

73.          NETWARE is :

                                (A)          a software used for networking

                                (B)          a program used to replace windows operating system

                                (C )         is a network type

                                (D)          is same as firmware

74.          Present day PC has a main memoryof :

                                (A)          1 GB                                                                       (B)          512 MB

                                (C )         256 MB                                                                 (D)          512 KB

75.          Examples of system softwares are :

                                (A)          OS, compilers etc.                                            (B)          OS only

                                (C )         OS and applications program                      (D)          Application program only

76.          Compiler and Interpreter are :

                                (A)          the program athat converts high level language program to machine language


                                (B)          multi- user operating system

                                (C )         network operating system

                                (D)          graphical userr interface system

77.          Examples of High level languages are :

                                (A)          MS DOS, WINDOWS, UNIX, PS2

                                (B)          ALP, TALLY, WORD

                                (C )         COBOL, BASIC, FORTRAN, PASCAL

                                (D)          SPREADSHEET, ACCESS, MS OFFICE,WORD

78.          Dot matrix printer and Laser printers are respectively two types of printers viz :

                                (A)          printers with 80 pin and printers without sound

                                (B)          printer with and without tray

                                (C )         light weight printer and heavy printers

                                (D)          impact printers and non-impact printers

79.          In a hard disk assembly the cylinder no. indicates :

                                (A)          the no. of heads available

                                (B)          double the number of read heads

                                (C )         the track position on all platters or surfaces

                                (D)          the unusual part of the hard disk

80.          Fastest memory is :

                                (A)          core memory                                                     (B)          semiconductor memory

                                (C )         magnetic disk                                                    (D)          compact disk

81.          The system files in DOS are :

                                (A)          IO.SYS, MS DOS.SYS, DOS.DBF

                                (B)          FORMAT.SYS, ATTRIB.DOS, SCANDISK.SYS

                                (C )         IO.SYS, MS DOS.SYS, COMMAND.COM

                                (D)          BIOS.COM, SCANDISK.SYS, COMMAND.COS

82.          UNIX  pipe is :

                                (A)          a way to send the output of one program as input of another

                                (B)          a path from utilities to kernel

                                (C )         a path from UNIX shell to hardware

                                (D)          none of the above

83.          PCXT is provided with :

                                (A)          80386 as the CPU and Hard disk for storage

                                (B)          80486 DX as the CPU and CD Rom

                                (C )         Pentium as the CPU and CD Writer

                                (D)          8088 as the CPU and  HDD

84.          Windows 2000 is :

                                (A)          same as MS OFFICE 200                                 (B)          a windows operating system

                                (C )         windows with 2000 sub functions             (D)    windows document editing system

85.          UNIX is an operating system written:

                                (A)          using C language                                              (B)          using UNIX as a language

                                (C )         using binary language                                    (D)          using ALP and Binary

86.          Which of the following are some shell commands of UNIX ?

                                (A)          cp, rm, mv, cd, who                                        (B)          dir, cat, move, copy, cd

                                (C )         cd, md, cat, rd, kill                                            (D)          cp, cd, md, dir, time


87.          Seek time in HDD is :

                                (A)          time required to find out the hard disk in the system unit

                                (B)          time taken to reach the specified cylinder

                                (C )         time taken to reach the specified sector

                                (D)          time to reach the specified address in the sector

88.          Mains supply voltage in the socket for plugging in computer shall be :

                                (A)          220 to 250 V,  50 Hz sinusoidal AC

                                (B)          5 to 12 V DC

                                (C )         12 V AC, 33 Hz square wave

                                (D)          400 to 440 V, 3 phase AC in 3 pin socket

89.          UPS rating is specified in :

                                (A)          Kilo Volts at constant current                      (B)          Kilo Watt at constant voltage

                                (C )         Kilo Volt Ampere                                              (D)          Voltage rating and Watts

90.          CVT means :

                                (A)          Current Voltage Timer                                   (B)          Constant Voltage Transformer

                                (C )         Critical Voltage Transformer                        (D)          Current Voltage Tester

91.          The time complexity of an algortihm T(n) ; = T (n – 1) + yn,  if n > 1 = 1, otherwise.

                The order of this algorithm is specified as            

  1.         log n, n, etc.                                                       (B)          n * T ,  n/ T etc.

( C )        T, log T etc.                                                         (D)          none of these

92.          A sorting that guarantees  that records with the same primary key occurs in the same order in the sorted list as in original unsorted list is said to be :

                                (A)          stable                                                                    (B)          consistent

                                (C )         external                                                               (D)          linear


93.          Which of the following sorting methods will be the best, if the member swapping done is the only measure of efficiency ?        

                                (A)          Bubble sort                                                         (B)          Selection sort

                                (C )         Insertion sort                                                     (D)          Quick sort

94.          Merge sort uses :

                                (A)          divide and conquer strategy                       (B)          backtracking approach

                                (C )         heuristic  search                                               (D)          greedy approach

95.          Data flow model of an application mainly shows :

                                (A)          the underlying data and the relationship among them

                                (B)          processing requirements and the flow of data

                                (C )         decision and control information

                                (D)          communication network structure

96.          Kernel is :

                                (A)          considered on the critical part of OS

                                (B)          the software which monitors the OS

                                (C )         set of primitive functions upon which rest of OS functions as built in

                                (D)          an independent multi-user OS

97.          What happens to a process in a blocked                state waiting for some i/o service when the service is completed?

                                (A)          Goes to running state                                    (B)          Goes to ready state

                                (C )         Goes to suspended state                             (D)          Goes to terminated state

98.          The best algorithm for a partitioned memory allocation scheme is :

                                (A)          best fit 

                                (B)          first fit

                                (C )         superiority demands on the sequence of the memory request

                                (D)          anything is best

99.          Relation produced from E-R model will always be in :

                                (A)          First normal form                                             (B)          Second normal form

                                (C )         Fourth normal form                                        (D)          Third normal form

100.        Start and Stop in serial communication are for :

                                (A)          error detection

                                (B)          indicates the CPU is connected  or not connected

                                (C )         synchronization

                                (D)          error correction